A'nsyea / Annie


animals d6 communication with them d12
craft d6
survival d6 – d12 forage food
Influence d6
Knowledge d6
Ranged weapons d6 – archery d10
medicine d6 – natural healing d10

Attuned to nature d10
Animal empathy d6
good natured d2
loyal companion d4 – owl
photographic memory d4
simple needs (less food) d4

Phobia (fire) d4
traumatic flashbacks d8
fragile d4
complex needs (needs sun) d4
paranoid d4
shy d6
eerie presence d2


On Earth she’s alien.
From an organic planet, very green with lots of nature. Everyone has the ability to promote the growth of vegetation and be in tune with animals. But the planet was plagued with a foreign disease and A’nysea fails to save her family, whom she was very close with, before her and a few other survivors escape into the universe. She lands on earth, extremely depressed and lost, until she stumbles upon a group of people who tell her that her abilities could be strengthened beyond cultivating land. She’s a very compassionate person (due to the fact that she had a big family) but ever since losing them and arriving to this new place she’s become secluded and wary. However, when she does bond with someone she’d risk their life for them. She’s compassionate but strong. Her strength is the earth element and the ability to communicate with animals (“like she’s a parseltongue but for all animals,” Doug described) and she’s fears fire, death, destruction. She prefers being called by her Earth name, Annie.

A'nsyea / Annie

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