Ragnar Oxblood


covert d6
drive d6
influence d6 – manipulation d12 – interrogation d10
knowledge d6 – law/politics d10
perception d6 – deduction d10
performance d6 – impersonation d8
unarmed combat d6

immune (fire)d8
lucky d4
longevity d2
inherent weapon (fire manioulatio) d6
shadow d2
natural leader d2
formidable presence d2
higher education (law) d2
Inherent armour (demon flesh)(wound damage) d2

eerie presence d2
glory hound d4
memorable d2
overconfident d2
out for blood d4
pyro d10
animal emnity d2
smart ass d4


A smooth talking ex-lawyer with a silver tongue as sharp as his mind. After losing his soul ages ago, Ragnar now shares the confines of his semi-mortal body with a thousand-year-old fire demon. He’s on a quest to find what’s been taken, but the road to redemption isn’t so easily followed. The only riddle Ragnar can’t solve, is his past.

Ragnar Oxblood

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