covert d6
cradt d6 – potions d8
dicipline d4
heavy weapons d6
influence d6 – nightmare projections d12
knowledge d6
preception d6 – intuition d12
survival d6
unarmed d4

air of mystery d6
allure d2
danger d4
inherent weapon d2
longevity d2
signatutre item (bone axe) d8
unnatural healing d6

amorous d6
animal emnity d2
eerie presence d10
memorable d8
strange luck d6
superstitious d6


She, along with her two other sisters (Magda and Prim) were captured as children where the spirits selected the kids (I can go into detail tomorrow, it’s hard to write it out). A combination of spirits selected Nox and the main spirit that resides in her is a slightly evil manipulative spirit. She has the ability to sense your worst nightmare and project them in your mind so that you, for example, see a million tarantulas if you’re scared of them or fill a room with darkness if you’re scared of the dark. She has the ability to make herself look bigger than she is but she mainly looks like a beautiful blonde haired woman. She loves to seduce men and feed off their fears until they’re just basically empty shells. She had killed a giant and made all the giants her slaves by wielding a ax built from the giant’s bone so I’m going to have to work that in somehow and make it more modern. She’s about 2,000 years old


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