Al Krezinsky


athletics d4
covert d6 – lockpick
drive d4
guns d6
influence d6 – investigate d10
knowledge d4
mechanics d6 – automotive d10 – jury-rigging d8
perception d6 – lie detector d10
unarmed combat d2

born behind the wheel d4
fast o your feet d2
lightning reflexes d6
lengevity d8
shadow d6
danger sense 4

smart ass d4
coward d8
crude d4
duty d4
ugly d2
rotten luck d8
greedy d4
anger issues d4


An auto mechanic from Chicago who made the mistake of habitually saying, “I’d sell my soul for a paid vacation” and then, thinking it was a prank, sold it to a devil. Al got his paid vacation and returned to work. He was working for the devil now. Well, not The Devil, but the devil who sold his soul, a spiteful bureaucrat with a sense irony, Milmon.
For the past seven decades Al has been stealing, assassinating, exterminating, taking parking tickets off of windshield’s so they can’t be paid on time, staging political coup’s, and whatever else Milmon thinks up. The less qualified for the job Al is, the happier his infernal boss.

Al’s a pretty good machanic and decent at a smattering of things. He’s done a large variety of work. He doesn’t age, he’s always tired, he can’t technically die but can still be incapacitated to the point where the distinction is meaningless, he still feels pain. And bitterness. Lots of bitterness

Al Krezinsky

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