Achilles Fracture


athletics d6 – parkour d10
Covert d6 – disguise d10
Influence d6 – Intimidate d10
Pereption d6 – investigate d8
Unarmed combat d6 – brawling d12

Brawler d6
Natural athlete d4
tough d8
hideout d6
formidable presence d6

On the run d8
memorable d4
paranoid d4
criminal past d6
Anger issues d4
unstable d4


A ruffian from a young age, the former gang heavy Achilles Fracture has made a name for himself by being one of the most successful negotiators and deal-closers in town. Through a mix of intimidation, shakedowns, and extortion, Fracture quickly rose through the ranks of the business world as someone not to be crossed. Taking on a lucrative-but-off-the-books contract with Preston Pharmaceuticals, Achilles enjoyed the rewards of a corporate salary while doing what he loved most – supressing lobbyist groups and making dissenters disappear – all while Preston Pharm kept plausible deniability.
One night, after Achilles had strong-armed top military brass into awarding Preston an exclusive deal to develop chemical weapons and performance enhancers, Achilles was called into the president, Markus Krell’s office. When he entered, Achilles saw Krell flanked by two giant men in white suits, an unearthly smile on Krell’s face. It was clear that if Krell had ever been human (which had always been in question) he was clearly something more sinister now. He – and Preston Pharmaceuticals – were victims of a hostile takeover from Beyond, and the restructuring was to begin with the immediate termination of Achilles. Striking out with inhuman speed, Krell gouged out Achilles’ right eye before he could struggle away, running into the guards who beat him senseless. The last thing he remembered seeing before he passed out was Krell standing over him with a syringe, telling him “No one will believe you – we’re everywhere.”
After 2 days of intense hallucinations, Achilles woke up in a hospital psych ward, his eye bandaged. A nurse explained that he’d been found on the street, beaten and ranting about “creatures from Beyond”. As the nurse prepared an IV sedative, Achilles noticed the branding on the bag – Beyond Corporation. Escaping the hospital through means we won’t get into right now, Achilles went underground, holing up in an old safehouse from his pre-Preston days. Plagued by hallucinations and intense paranoia, Achilles now works to discover how deep the people from Beyond go.
Physically, Achilles is an imposing figure, with a large frame and fists the size of Christmas hams. He sports a well-groomed goatee and is completely bald otherwise. After he healed, he began wearing a black eyepatch over his right eye.

Achilles Fracture

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